The roots of our Early Childhood Center begin in 1878, when Trinity Lutheran School open it's doors for the first time, providing schooling for first through eighth grade. In 1921, the school divided into two schools, and in 1944, the school enrollment led the congregation to divide the two schools into three. By 1953, the new four-room school was built, which is still part of the school we know today. In 1967, an addition was built that included the gymnasium, stage, locker rooms, the basement, and two more classrooms. In 1982, preschool and kindergarten began (the beginning of our early childhood education), and in 2001, another addition was added that included the cafeteria and two more classrooms.

The latest addition was in 2016, when Trinity acquired the local daycare in downtown Alma. With a growing need for early childcare in rural Missouri and a desire to further God's mission, Trinity proposed the idea of adding a new Early Childhood Center attached to the current school building. With the gracious and overwhelming support of the congregation, families, and surrounding communities, the new Early Childhood Center became a reality. Construction began in 2022, and the new facility opened on January 30th, 2023.

When discussing child care, this facility is perfect. Being attached to the current school, it allows parents the opportunity to have the safety and convenience of one drop-off and pick-up location, regardless of their child's/children's age. School-aged children can attend Before & After School care in the Early Childhood Center without ever leaving the Trinity campus. This center has everything you need and so much more that puts us above and beyond most daycare centers in rural Missouri.

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