SROs are carefully selected, specifically trained, sworn law enforcement officers assigned by an employing law enforcement agency to work with schools using community-oriented policing concepts.  These officers fill a three-part role, serving as informal mentors or counselors, law educators and law enforcement officers to support the students and communities they serve. They are valuable and essential members of the education community who deserve unwavering respect and support from the public in the pursuit of keeping schools and students safe.

“We established National School Resource Officer Appreciation Day last year, after receiving frequent inquiries from schools around the country regarding the most appropriate day to recognize their SROs,” said NASRO executive director Mo Canady. “We encourage schools and communities to take time Feb. 15 to let their SROs know how much they appreciate the work these officers do to bridge gaps between law enforcement and youth and to keep schools safe.”

Trinity Lutheran School would like to recognize our very own SRO Deputy Andrew Beckfield for his dedication to our school and our community. Thank You!!