Sweet Springs Track Meet 

Cole Woods - 1st Triple Jump, 4th 200m, 5th Long Jump, 6th 400m 

Palmer Troth- 4th 100m, 5th High Jump, 5th Shot Put, 7th Long Jump 

Laney Ballenger- 2nd Long Jump, 4th 100m, 7th 200m

Addison Mullins- 3rd 400m, 5th Triple Jump

Nastja- 6th Long Jump, 7th Triple Jump

2nd- 4x200m relay with a time of 2:11.84 just .5 second away from school record Addison Mullins, Laney Ballenger, Nastja Jones & Hannah Griggs 

Carrollton Meet

Cole Woods- 3rd Triple Jump, 4th 400m, 5th 200m, 5th Long Jump

Laney Ballenger- 2nd 100m, 3rd 200m, 4th Long Jump

Addison Mullins- 4th 200m, 5th 400m 

Palmer Troth- 8th 100m

5th 4x200m relay- Addison Mullins, Laney Ballenger, Mia Mullins & Hannah Griggs 

*Official results have not yet been received* 

Santa Fe Elementary Meet 5&6 graders 

Ava- 4th Triple Jump & 6th Long Jump (participating in 5th grade level)

Tatum- 6th Shot Put (participating in 5th grade level)

Harrison- 5th shot put, 6th 100m, (5th grade) 

Brody- 1st Triple Jump, 4th- 200m, 5th 100m (6th grade)

Mia- 3rd 100m, 4th Shot Put,  6th 200m  (6th grade)