November 3, 

Dear Parents,

The goal of the Trinity School Board and faculty and staff is to have as many seated days of instruction as possible. We know IN-SEAT instruction is the most effective way to educate our students. However, out of an overabundance of caution, we will be closed Thursday, November 4 & Friday, November 5 (TOMORROW & FRIDAY) to allow a large number of our students out sick to rest and heal. In addition, we want to do everything possible to keep other students from becoming ill. I would suggest you keep your student at home, even if they are not showing symptoms. 

Trinity’s door will open at 7:30 on Monday, November 8 as scheduled  If your child has been exposed to covid, please make sure you follow CDC guidelines on their return to school.  If you are in doubt, please reach out to the county health department.

Keep in mind that most of our absences are not covid related! This is the time of year we begin to see the flu, colds, and other common illnesses. The health and safety of everyone here at Trinity is important to the education we provide.  

When we return, one of the most important things you can do to ensure the safety of our students and staff is to be vigilant and aware of your child’s activity and exposure. Please take this time to review our illness policy and remember to keep your child at home if they are showing any symptoms. One of our goals at Trinity is to create strong compassionate young men and women. You can help do that by showing compassion by keeping your child at home when they are sick. The families of Trinity have done an amazing job helping keep illness to a minimum.  Thank you!  


A child having a temperature of 100.4 or above, or who has just vomited, or who has diarrhea, should not be sent back to school for at least 48 hours or proof of wellness from a doctor after temperature/symptoms have returned to normal. 

--Page 23 of the 2021/2022 Handbook

We know you have chosen Trinity Lutheran School for your child’s education because of our deliberate efforts to include God in all subjects of learning. We strive to live like Jesus in all things, including pandemics and political division in our nation. Please don’t let the evil things of our world come into our school.  Trinity is a safe place, free from judgment, bias, and political agendas.  Our mission here at Trinity is to provide a Christ-centered education lasting more than a lifetime!

Angela Wells, Principal